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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Outdated Price Guides and Reference Books

Have you ever passed up an old price guide or reference book just because the information was outdated?   Even when they're new, the published prices become outdated almost overnight and can vary from one region to another.   You can find current information on just about any antique or collectible online, but how do you know what to look for if you don't know what you have.  I've been able to identify several unmarked mystery items just by flipping through the pages of some of my thrifty outdated reference books.

These are seriously outdated as price guides, but will always be a good source for identification and interesting information.  Some are even good for a few laughs, and most were picked up for next to nothing at yard sales and library book sales. 

Several years ago I found this set of Time Life Books at a garage sale for $3.00.  Fifteen volumes (only one missing) of Encyclopedia of Collectibles books published in 1978.  They're full of great pictures and information on everything from advertising giveaways, buttons, folk art, quilts, typewriters, and more.

This 1975 edition of Pottery and Porcelain by the Kovels has come in handy several times, and well worth the $1.00 price at our local library book sale.  

It's broken down alphabetically and by a few dozen different 
symbols such as crowns, lines, flowers, and shields.

Kitchen Glassware of the Depression Years price and reference guide published in 1983.  This one was .25 cents at a moving sale. 

A great book for identifying these fun collectibles.

This one is my favorite...Spiffy Kitchen Collectibles; 254 pages of advertisements
 and vintage kitchen gadgets.  I bought this one new in 2003 and actually paid the full
price of $24.99.  Gasp!!  I love all the entertaining advertisements.
 An automatic butter curler.  How spiffy is that?

Do you remember these?

I bought one of these at a yard sale and had no idea what it was until I found it listed in this book.  

It's digestible too.  That's good to know.

If you win, be sure to wear your highest heels.

In 1956 a family of four could enjoy dinner and dessert for $1.00.

My dough bullets never produced pretty cookies.

These old glass rolling pins are a great way to display buttons and other trinkets.


What can I say?

Keep your eyes open for inexpensive old reference books and price guides at yard sales and library book sales.  They may be outdated, but they're full of helpful information and nothing beats the feel of a real book in your hands.

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